School-based Jobs Program Offered to Students
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Saturday, September 16, 2017
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This year, at Veterans Park School, students enrolled in the Community Outreach Class will be given the opportunity to participate in a school-based jobs program.  According to Rosemary Jorge, Community Outreach Teacher, “This class helps students to establish a real sense of contributing to others. The benefits include teaching responsibility, demonstrating the capacity to make a difference and creates a sense of community.”

Melissa Knowles, Veterans Park Principal, is excited to be offering this opportunity to students,“This class will enrich the curriculum as it will afford students exposure to skills filled with educational merit and life lessons such as responsibility, independence, leadership and teamwork.”

“This class capitalizes on a student’s interests and supports those skills important to succeed in a variety of jobs and life situations,” added Jorge. “Skills such as managing their time, meeting deadlines, flexibility, communication and professionalism.”

The enthusiasm and excitement of the 5th grade students participating in this class was overwhelmingly apparent.  Alexis Urban, who will be an ELA 4th grade tutor, shared, “I am excited to begin because I have wanted to be a tutor for a long time.  I like helping my older brother with his projects and I can’t wait to start tutoring in our school.”

Ryleigh Remillard, who will have two positions- WVTS News Crew and school store - explained that they will be checking in and out of their jobs online.  “We have IDs with QR codes that we will scan to check in and then check out of our jobs- kind of like a time clock.  Mrs. Jorge will know if we are doing what we are scheduled to do.”

“Students will also be responsible for keeping an online journal where they will document what they did at the end of any given day they have completed a job,” added Knowles.  “This will serve as a way for the students to reflect on this journey and learn from both what did, and did not work.”

Chloe Andle was thrilled to learn that she will be a videographer for WVTS News.  She noted that in addition to improving her photography skills, “I hope to learn responsibility;  and having these jobs will teach me to be more independent and make good decisions.”

Echoing her classmates, Peyton Brennan was proud to share that she will be one of the school photographers. “There’s something I really like about taking pictures.  It began when I was young and I went on a trip to Bermuda. I was given an underwater camera - that’s when I first started taking pictures. My parents said I was good at it and ever since I have been taking all kinds of pictures.”

“We are eager to see students make those important real-life connections, personalize their education, and gain a sense of personal responsibility,” summed up Knowles.  “This program will add a new dimension to the curriculum that will help to build a firm foundation for success beyond the school walls.”  

Chloe Andle, Ryleigh Remillard, Alexis Urban



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