Riding in Style!
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Friday, June 23, 2017
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Veterans Park 5th grader Julia Valadas was this year's winner of the annual last day of school limo ride.  Mrs. Melissa Knowles, Veterans Park Principal, explained that Julia cashed in all her cub coins for the end of year limo ride raffle and was chosen as the winner.

Julia was joined by Knowles and three of her teachers, Mrs. Sarah Belson, Mrs. Stephanie Rogowski and Mrs. Carol O’Shea along with six of her friends- Taylor Morton, Ella Dias, Gabriella Pires, Ariana Fitzpatrick, Ella Robak and Gabrielle Mariani.  The limo picked up the passengers at Julia’s house for the memorable ride to Veterans Park on the last day of school (see video below).

They were greeted by the entire student body and faculty members, who had lined the sidewalks leading to the school entrance for their grand arrival.  Following the arrival all headed to the auditorium for the final schoolwide meeting of the year.

Knowles shared that the limo ride was donated by Century Limo and driven by Paul Lemieux.


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