5th Grade Promotion and Awards Ceremony
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Friday, June 23, 2017
Ava Adamopoulos,  Mateo Balbino, Ella Robak, Principal Knowles
Ava Adamopoulos, Mateo Balbino, Ella Robak, Principal Knowles

On June 21st, with the song These Are The Days by 10,000 Maniacs playing in the Ludlow High School auditorium, all 5th grade students from Veterans Park School participated in their promotion and awards ceremony. Joining Veterans Park Principal, Melissa Knowles, to celebrate the culmination of their elementary school years was Todd Gazda, Superintendent of Schools, Erica Faginski-Stark, Director of Curriculum, Lisa Nemeth, Principal of Ludlow High School, Stacy Monette, Principal of Baird Middle School, Thomas Welch, Principal of East Street School and Nikki Reed, Principal of Chapin Street School.  In addition, those in the audience to lend support for this educational milestone included current and former teachers, family and friends.

The event was filled with many highlights including a memory speech given by Elena Chaplin who told her classmates, “As we move ahead I think we are ready to take on 6th grade at Paul R Baird middle school. We will make new friends, learn new things and we will come in contact with new experiences. We all hope that middle school will be great! As 6th graders, we will make the most of our opportunities.”

In addition to several students who were honored with achievement awards (see list of names below), two students, Ella Robak and Mateo Balbino, were awarded the  Gus Adamopoulos Award. This special award is given each year to two 5th grade students in memory of a Veterans Park student who lost his life in a tragic boating accident in August 2010; the summer before beginning 5th grade. Ava Adamopoulos, Gus’s sister, was on hand to see this year's recipients receive their awards.  To learn about the recipients click here.

Eight  individual students were also recognized with certificates of excellence for demonstrating Veterans Park PRIDE: Tabetha Santos-Nadaud, Jessica Vautrain, Brice Pereria, Diogo Dos Santos, Tyana Rodriguez, Marina Soja, Julia Valadas and Luca Martins.

Each of the three elementary school principals congratulated the students as they walked across the stage to receive their certificates of completion. The Veterans Park Chorus then sang, Try Everything by Shakira, before Principal Knowles addressed the graduates.

Knowles said that since they were graduating from 5th grade she would offer them five tips as they move on to middle school:  1. Decide now how it will end, 2.Keep your friendship eggs in different baskets, 3. Build good social karma, 4. Try hard and 5. Smile and say hi...Show PRIDE.

Students continued their milestone celebration the following day by attending a field trip to Interskate 91 for some rollerskating fun before returning to school for a picnic lunch.

CONGRATULATIONS to all 5th grade graduates, good luck next year at Baird Middle School and have a fun-filled summer!












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Tabetha Santos- Nadaud

Jessica Vautrain

Brice Pereria

Diogo Dos Santos

Tyana Rodriguez

Marina Soja

Julia Valadas

Luca Martins





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