FUNd Run Receives Personal Congratulations from Senator Lesser
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Friday, June 16, 2017
Conor Callahan, Senator Lesser, Sarah Tatro
Conor Callahan, Senator Lesser, Sarah Tatro

Massachusetts State Senator Eric Lesser visited Veterans Park School today to congratulate students and staff on the 4th annual Veterans Park FUNd Run. This year the funds raised were donated to the Darren FUNd.  This fund was established in 2007 by Anne Marie Corrieri, Instructional Technology Specialist for the Ludlow Public Schools and her husband, John Perrin, as a way to spread their son’s “How ‘bout be HAPPY!” attitude to others in the shared living model at Pathlight.   

Lesser shared that the news of the Veterans Park FUNd Run has spread to the State House.  “I am impressed and very proud of everything you all have done to help spread Darren’s happiness and I wanted to come here to personally congratulate you and thank you for making such a positive impact on our community.”

“If, in your life, you remember those three words your principal and teachers have been talking to you about, and are at the core of the FUNd Run, empathy, charity and grit,” continued Lesser, “you all will grow up to be successful, kind  and caring adults who make a difference in the world.”

Lesser then acknowledged those teams and individuals that earned specific awards (see list below) and reminded everyone that together they had raised a total of $8,868.41.  With their parents in the audience, Sarah Tatro (4th grade) and Conor Callahan (5th grade) were called forward to be given certificates for raising the most money for their grade level.  

In addition, Lesser also awarded Veterans Park School with a citation from both the Massachusetts State House and Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, each highlighting how the FUNd Run has made a positive impact in the lives of others.  He then asked the students to give a round of applause for the teachers and staff to acknowledge all they do to make Veterans Park such a great school.

Lesser then told the audience that he had one additional citation to award; that it was a surprise for a very special and dedicated person at their school- their principal, Melissa Knowles. “Not only does Mrs. Knowles work very hard here at Veterans Park to ensure all of you (students) have a quality education academically, but she also works hard to make sure you have experiences, like the FUNd Run, that teach you about the importance of working hard, helping others and being accepting of our differences.”

Before leaving, students presented the Senator with “How ‘bout be HAPPY’ t-shirts for himself and his daughter, as a reminder of their efforts on behalf of the Darren FUNd.   


 Mrs. Knowles, Senator Lesser, Steven Tatro (father), Sarah Tatro, Jennifer Tatro (mother)

 Dr. Gazda, Sarah Tatro, Mrs. Knowles

Mrs. Knowles, Conor Callahan, April Voisine (mother), Senator Lesser

Mrs. Knowles, Conor Callahan, Dr. Gazda

 Mrs. Knowles with Senator Lesser after receiving her citation.


Rooms A4/10 Grade 5 Mrs. Rogowski and Mrs. Belson-- Most Team Laps 433 Laps

Rooms B3/B9  Grade 4 Mrs. Lacey and Mrs. Canale--- Most Team Laps 325 Laps

4th grade indiviual awards for completing 16 laps - Nicky Morace, Devin Skiba, Caleigh Foley, and Logan Walsh.

5th grade individual for completing 14 laps - Cole Bamford 


Rooms A6/A8 Miss McVeigh and Mrs. Irwin

Rooms A7/A9 Miss James and Mrs. Brown


Rooms B1/B2 Most Money Raised Grade 4-  $851.85

Rooms A6/A8 Most Money Raised Grade 5- $1,252.75

Individual award 4th grade, Sarah Tatro -$550 raised

Individual award 5th grade, Connor Callahan - $215 raised




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