4th Grade Biography Wax Museum
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Tuesday, June 06, 2017
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In conjunction with the English Language Arts biography unit Elysa Burstein’s 4th grade students brought important historical figures to life by becoming them during a wax museum style event. Students selected a prominent historical figure to learn about by reading biographies and conducting online research.   

Burstein explained that students had to address six requirements for the project -  complete a graphic organizer, create either  a bottle head, puppet, tri fold, file folder, diorama, poster, or cereal box design to convey  important facts, prepare a speech, dress in costume, and bring a prop that represented an important idea about their person.  Lastly, students also designed a buzzer for visitors to press;  bringing the alter egos of Helen Keller, Steve Jobs, Dwight Eisenhower, Abigail Adams and others, to life.

Of her students amazing transformations, Burstein remarked, “From the moment we began this project, the students were enthusiastic to learn more about someone famous.  They enjoyed the ability to choose the person they wanted to research and the project they wanted to work on.  The students exceeded expectations and went above and beyond with all of the requirements.  I hope that they always remember that hard work and dedication leads to success.”

Cooper Zukowski transformed into the American industrialist and the founder of the Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford.  “I figured since I like automobiles I’d pick Henry Ford;  plus my dad has a blue 2008 Shelby Cobra Mustang! I learned an interesting fact about Mr. Ford- he fixed pocket watches for his family and friends when he was young.”

“I picked Hillary Clinton because I wanted to learn more about a president's  wife,” shared Karina Silva.  “I learned two important things about her - she came to Massachusetts for college (Wellesley University) and she is a very strong woman.  She did what she wanted to do;  she even went to Africa when her husband was president to help the poor people who live there.”

Much to the delight of students and staff the museum was open for business on June 6th, with no admission fee charged! As visitors thoughtfully meandered through the museum, it was evident that this project was both a great learning experience for students and was a fun way for them to interact and share information with their classmates and teachers.   There is no doubt that this project is destined to be a school memory they remember, with a smile, for many years to come.

We welcome you to view the photo montage below of photos taken at the wax museum- ENJOY!

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