A Pink Stool for a Special Teacher!
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Daniel McKenney & Mrs. Cookish
Daniel McKenney & Mrs. Cookish

When you walk into room A6 at Veterans Park School you may notice a special pink stool strategically placed in the front of the classroom, with the name Mrs. Cookish, written on the seat. According to Mrs. Kaitlin Cookish, 5th grade inclusion teacher, the stool was designed and painted for her by one of her students, Daniel McKenney.

Daniel shared that he wanted to make this stool for Mrs. Cookish because, “she is a good teacher.” He further explained, “She uses a stool a lot during the day so I thought she would like a pink stool since she said she likes the color pink. I went home and asked my mom about it and we found a stool on Amazon.  We painted the legs pink and stained the seat. I also wrote her name on it.”

When asked how his teacher reacted to his surprise Daniel shared, “She was crying, and was really happy!”

“Danny is a very funny, caring, and thoughtful boy who always makes his classmates and teachers laugh,” shared Cookish.  “He has an awesome personality and makes others feel really good.  He's the boy on a Friday who will always wish you a happy weekend, and on Monday remembers to ask how a certain special activity was.”

Cookish explained that in addition to the academics she and her 5th grade co-teacher, Miss Jessica McVeigh, also teach and talk about “the importance of kindness and making others feel happy and positive about themselves. I had a plain stool that I used during the day and Danny decided I needed a personalized pink one. Making this stool for me certainly gives off those positive, caring vibes!”

“Naturally, I immediately felt so proud that he would want to do something so thoughtful for his teacher, as any mother would,” shared Mrs. Kelli Moutinho-McKenney, Daniel’s mother.  “I really wasn't surprised though, because he has such a big heart.  It was a really fun project for us to do together.”

“I feel very fortunate that despite all that our education system has to deal with today, with budget cuts and state regulations,” added Mountinho-McKenney, “that we still have  teachers like Mrs. Cookish in Ludlow that care so much for our children, that our kids love them back just as much.”

“When I'm an older, grey haired teacher that needs extra cushions to sit on, I'll always remember Danny’s kindness and his extra special thoughtfulness,” said Cookish, as she shared a smile with her very thoughtful student.

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