Camping Out with a Good Book
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Sunday, April 09, 2017
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On Thursday, March 30th, Veterans Park School hosted a fun literacy night - Camping Out with a Good Book. Veterans Park staff transformed the cafeteria into a  summer camp with a log cabin feel, complete with pop up tents, lawn chairs, campfires and the special guests of the evening- good books!  It was a fun night to celebrate literacy, enjoy family and discuss the importance of reading with older elementary children.   

As they entered the campground, families were invited to participate in a scavenger hunt where they were rewarded with a free book of their choice, when they reached the end.  They also were encouraged to visit the library to play a game of Kahoot, or take out a book and spend time in the campground, reading it around the campfire.

As students gathered around the campfire with friends and a good book, parents were given a special invitation to watch a short video presented by Rebecca Bellingham, an instructor in the Literacy Specialist Program at Columbia University Teachers College.  The video discussed why parents should be reading aloud to children even when they are reading on their own. The video was also explained how parents can help their children with reading comprehension and connect with them in powerful ways through books.   

Many thanks to Mrs. Carol O’Shea, Veterans Park Ready Specialist, for organizing and hosting this fun and educational evening for families.

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