Just the Facts, Please!
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Sunday, March 12, 2017
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As part of the ELA curriculum, all 4th grade students completed a nonfiction project.  There were several requirements that the students had to address, such as sharing a comment about the author of the book, a summary of the book and facts learned, opinion of the book and supporting evidence, etc.

Each student was instructed to select a nonfiction book and decided on the format that they would use to complete the project,.  Choices includined a newspaper, a brochure, a newscast, and a google presentation. Using a graphic organizer, checklist and Chromebooks, students completed their projects and presented them to their classmates.

Click here to view the informative and creative newspaper article that Thomas Wadas created for this project. “This is a great example of teachers having students make choices and students incorporating their interests and creativity to complete an assignment in a way that is meaningful and educational to them,” commented Mrs. Melissa Knowles, Veterans Park Principal.

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