Students Take Red Ribbon Pledge
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Thursday, November 03, 2016
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On Friday, October 28th the Veterans Park community arrived to school wearing red as a culminating  sign of their pledge to be drug, alcohol and tobacco free.  In addition, all 4th and 5th grade students were educated on the importance of developing coping skills and habits for dealing with stress.  Staff shared how exercise can be an important and effective way to relieve stress.  Students then had the opportunity to participate in three exercise activities- jumping rope, walk/run, free throw basketball.

When students completed the exercise routines they were asked to recite the Red Ribbon Pledge, sign the Pledge board and then received various items from DEA Representatives such as red ribbons, pencils, etc.

It is important to expose students to everyday activities, such as exercise, that can help to reduce stress and anxiety," stated Veterans park Principal, Mrs. Melissa Knowles. "We need to educate and empower students to opt for healthy alternatives to help keep them away from making unhealthy choices to deal with stress, such as drugs.”

Knowles would like to extend a special thank you the representatives from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)- Intelligence Analyst, Jennifer Fafard and Investigative Assistant Sandra Kozaczka for their continued support with making Red Ribbon Week a special and meaningful student based event. She also extended a thank you to Veterans Park parents, Estelle and Lenny Gomulka, who also assisted with the events throughout the day.

Thanks to Mrs. Rosemary Jorge and Mrs. Elysa Burstein for sharing the photos in the video montage below.


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