2017 Drama Production Revealed
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Friday, October 07, 2016
Ms. Sousa & Miss James
Ms. Sousa & Miss James

Five years and counting! Ms. Sousa (Veterans Park Music Teacher) and Miss James (Veterans Park 5th Grade Teacher) are on a mission to keep offering the opportunity of experiencing the joy and fun of being part of a major drama/musical production to Veterans Park students.  A dream that has exploded each year, not only becoming a huge part of Veterans Park School, but also a community event that many look forward to each year.  

Ms. Sousa and Miss James directed the first play, Annie Jr. in 2012;  casting 80 students to audiences at Ludlow High School.  Last year, the excitement spread as 100 cast members worked all year to put on stellar, sold-out performances of The Lion King Jr.   

Ms. Sousa commented, “Every year it get’s better and better! I’m always amazed at the level of talent the Veterans Park students have, and am always grateful for the support of the Veteran Park staff who always support this project beyond my expectations.”

Since the start of school year the suspense and excitement over the annual announcement for this year’s Veterans Park Drama Production could be felt in each classroom; students and staff all trying to solve the mystery. Ms. Sousa and Miss James were able to keep the announcement under wraps until the October 7th School Wide Morning Meeting. In true Veterans Park style the announcement everyone had been waiting for…. the 2017 Veterans Park Production would be (insert drum roll!)... Beauty and the Beast Jr.  

All in attendance  experienced the reveal via a short video, followed by a surprise visit from five characters: Cogsworth (Mrs. Hardick), Mrs. Potts (Miss James), Plate (Mrs. Cookish), Chip (Miss McVeigh) and Wardrobe (Ms. Sousa).

Ms. Sousa stated that auditions for this year’s production are scheduled for November 2016. Students will rehearse throughout the school year; taking the production to the Ludlow High School stage on May 6 & 7, 2017! More information about auditions can be found at on the Veterans Park Music website.


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