Mission Statement  

P  ositive attitude

R  espect for self, others and property

I  ndividual responsibility for actions

D  o your best

E  veryone learns

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Our Instructional Focus

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Ludlow Public Schools educators will implement strategies for creating student-led classrooms in which all students are inspired and empowered to take charge of their learning.

Educating Students in Grades 4 and 5

21st Century Learning Skills
21st Century Learning Skills

Vets Park went wireless in the winter of 2011 affording staff and students the opportunity to address 21st Century Learning Skills more efficiently.  Currenly two classrooms have a 1:1 computing environment (chromebooks) while the other classrooms have access to a minimum of twelve computers/netbooks/laptops/Chromebooks on a daily basis. Every teacher is equipped with either a SMARTboard or a projector to present lessons and engage learners. 

Students have a rotating schedule designed to provide students with more time on learning in all content areas. The core academic classes are split between a team of teachers, allowing teachers to focus on fewer content areas. This supportative intermediate model promotes independence and individual responsibility for learning by traveling to various classes throughout the day. 

In addition of our Fine Arts Wing where students can chose to attend music and art classes. Students at Veterans Park have the opportunity to participate in enhanced specials such as Band, Chorus, Instrumental (Guitars), Studio Art, Fitness, Rhythm, Team Sports, ELA Enrichment, Outreach (Gr 4), and Lions Den (Gr 5). During this block of time, students may also be enrolled in tiered support classed such as reading, writing, and math.  In addition the staff and students at Veterans Park participate in the Cub Coin and Paw Pride System, as a part of our Positive Behavior Intervention and Strategies initiative. For more information regarding this school-wide initiative to promote a climate of appropriate behavior please click here.