5th Grade ELA

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5th Grade ELA




Welcome to Grade 5 English Language Arts.

Reader's Workshop Structure

  • Mini Lesson on ELA CCSS using Units of Study for Teaching Reading, Lucy Calkins editor

  • Workshop - Guided Reading Groups at growth level with teacher several times per week,  Independent Reading, Book Projects

  • Debrief

Grade Level Expectations :

Students will be able to demonstrate effort and stamina in reading and work towards a deeper understanding and comprehension of  increasingly complex text.

Writer's Workshop Structure:

Empowering Writers - An approach to writing instruction that empowers students with the skills they need to become confident, capable writers. Empowering Writers creates enthusiastic writing communities – and the added result is notably higher achievement on any kind of writing assessment students may face.


  • Students will write compositions of varying length in opinion, informative, and narrative styles using a variety of pencil and paper and technology.

Word Study:

Focus on prefixes, suffixes, root words, meanings, and the ability to use that knowledge to decode words and build greater vocabulary.