4th Grade Math

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Numbers and Operations in Base Ten

* place value, rounding, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Operations and Algebraic Thinking

* algebraic equations, solve multi-step word problems with all operations, generate and solve patterns, factors, and multiples

Numbers and Operations - Fractions

* add, subtract, multiply, compare, decompose, and find equivalence for fractions and decimals


* classify and identify 2-dimensional figures, angles, types of lines and symmetry

Measurement and Data

* know relative size of measurement units in customary and metric units, find measurement equivalence, area and perimeter, line plots, measure and add angles, and measurement word problems




In order to help us assess how your child is doing, we kindly ask that you encourage your child to complete their homework independently. If they are having difficulty, remind them to use their "struggle time" strategies to complete the work the best they can. We review homework in class every Friday, so students will have opportunities to ask questions and clarify any confusion. 



One other thing that we ask for is that students master their math facts (if they haven’t already done so).  It will make difficult math, a lot easier!  _______________________________________________________________


Eureka Math connects math to the real world in ways that take the fear out of math and build student confidence—while helping students achieve true understanding through the use of real-world problems, partner work, logical reasoning, and mental computation. 

Students participate in:

  • Math Workboard which includes working on Problem Sets, Application Problems, Zearn, Math Games and other projects or practice activities
  • Student Debrief

  • Fluency Practice

  • Concept Development

Visit http://greatminds.net/maps/math/home for more information.